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Grissom Water Rates

(A) Meter Consumption
 Metered Rates Per Month Rate Per 1,000 Gallons 
First 7,000 gallons$6.33
Next 40,000 gallons$4.84
Over 47,000 gallons$3.72

(B) Minimum Charge
 Minimum Charge Per Month    Gallons Allowed Per Month
5/8 or 3/4 inch meter  3,000$18.77
1 inch meter
7,500 $46.18
1 1/2 inch meter 15,000 $82.00
2 inch meter 24,000 $124.99
3 inch meter 45,000 $225.30
4 inch meter 75,000 $337.32
6 inch meter 150,000 $611.79
8 inch meter 240,000 $941.15
10 inch meter  345,000$1,325.41
12 inch meter 645,000 $2,423.28

(C) Fire Protection
 Public fire protection surcharge Rate Per Month 
5/8 - 3/4 inch meter $13.19
1 inch meter $32.98
1 1/2 inch meter 
2 inch meter
3 inch meter
4 inch meter
6 inch meter
8 inch meter
10 inch meter
12 inch meter  $2,836.18

 Private Hydrants, each Per Year


 Automatic Sprinkler Connections Rate Per Year 
3/4 inch connection
1 inch connection
1 1/2 inch connection
2 inch connection
2 1/2 inch connection
3 inch connection
4 inch connection
6 inch connection
8 inch connection
10 inch connection$3,176.67
12 inch connection $5,131.17
24 inch connection $31,763.43

(D) Temporary Users Revised
Customers who are temporarily consuming water and Peru Utility water personnel must provide temporary metering to measure water usage shall pay the following additional fee: $133.00 per meter. All water consumption will also be charged using the current water rates.

(E) Collection and Deferred Payment Charge
All bills for water services not paid within fifteen (15) days from the due date thereof, as stated in such bills, shall be subject to the collection or deferred payment charge of ten percent (10%) on the first $3.00 and three percent (3%) on the excess over $3.00.

(F) Tap Charge
All users, at the time of connection to the waterworks system, shall pay a charge to cover the cost of tapping the main, furnishing and laying the service pipe, corporation and stop cocks, service and meter box, and furnishing and installing the meter.

 Size of Meter Fee
5/8 or 3/4 inch meter tap without street repairs $1,000.00 
5/8 or 3/4 inch meter tap with street repairs $2,000.00
1 inch meter tap without street repairs $1,200.00
1 inch meter tap with street repairs $2,200.00
Meter taps greater than 1 inch Actual time & materials, but not less than $1,000.00

(G) Disconnect/Reconnect Fee
Customers who have had their water disconnected for nonpayment must pay $40.00 to have their water service reconnected. Reconnect must be during regular business hours (8:30 - 4:30 M-F except observed holidays).

(H) Returned Check Fee
When a customer's check payment has been rejected by the bank or other financial institution due to nonsufficient funds, account closed, account blocked, or for any other reasons, and our bank must debit our bank account to pay for the check, we will require the account holder to reimburse us for the amount of the funds, plus a returned check fee of $25.00

 (I) Deposit
 Non-ResidentialTwo (2) months estimated bill

(J) Meter Tamper Fee
1st Offense 
2nd Offense$274.00
3rd Offense$411.00
In addition to the above fee, the water usage as a result of the tamper will be estimated and billed to the customer. 
(K) Water Taken from Water Treatment Plant
The cost, per load, for treated water taken directly from the Peru Utilities Water plant is $35.00 plus the consumption charges using our current water rates for.

(L) Meter Test Fee
At the customer's request, Peru Utilities will test the water meter at no charge to the customer, as long as that same meter has not been tested in the previous 12 month period. Each subsequent meter test in a 12 month period will be charged $56.00. This fee is for meters that Peru Utilities has the equipment to test. If the test is performed by a third party, this fee will be for time and materials, but not less than $56.00. If the test results are outside the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commissions guidelines for meter accuracy, this fee will be returned to the customer. 

(M) Disconnect List Fee
Customer's who have not paid their water bill or who have not made arrangements to pay their water bill by the disconnect date as listed on the utility bill or other form of notice of disconnect, where the service technician has left our administrative offices to begin the cutoff process, but has not yet disconnected the customer, will be charged a fee of $27.00.

(N) Disconnect/Reconnect Fee After Business Hours
Customers who have had their water disconnected for nonpayment must pay $92.00 to have their water service reconnected after Peru Utilities regular business hours. Regular business hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except for observed holidays or other scheduled closures.

(O) Temporary Turn-On/Turn-Off/Active Service/After Hours 
Customers who require a temporary turn on or turn off for repairs after business hours (8:30 am to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday), holidays and weekends, will be charged $71.00. This fee will be waved if the leak(s) are in the customer's lines between the water meter and the residence. 
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