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Peru Utilities Management

 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF    765-473-6681  
 General Manager Joe Pandy      Ext 1123  Email
 Executive Assistant to General Manager    Brenda Tillett      Ext 1122  Email
 Assistant General ManagerJoshua Chance     Ext 1125 Email
 Office Manager Leah Starkey      Ext 1118  Email
 Assistant Office Manager Kevin Shives                Ext 1120  Email
 Safety Manager                               Lee France      Ext 1128  Email

 ELECTRIC DIVISION  765-473-6681 
 Electric T&D, Superintendent            Curt Bankston             Ext 1133  Email
 Engineering & Tech Services, Supervisor    Mike Walsh      Ext 1135  Email
 Electrical Engineer Dave Woessner      Ext 1131  Email

WATER MGMT DIVISION   765-473-6681 
  Water Mgmt Div., Superintendent                Jamin Beisiegel               Ext 2003 Email
  Water Mgmt Div., Asst Superintendent Randy Kline      Ext 2001  Email
  Environmental Lab Pretrmt, Director Cory Ewer     Ext 2000 Email
  Direct Line:  Water Management 
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