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Start/Stop Service

How to establish service:

New customers or current customers wishing a transfer of services  to a new location must make application in person at the Peru Utilities main office, 335 East Canal Street, Peru, Indiana. The customer will be required to sign a Contract For Service. A photo ID must be provided.  Peru Utilities' Rules and Regulations must be followed.

If the customer is in the process of buying the property where utility services are to be activated, the customer must provide a copy of the legal description of the property. If the customer is buying the property on contract, a copy of the contract must be provided. If the customer is buying a mobile home and renting the lot that the mobile home will be placed on, a copy of the lot rent receipt in the name of the customer must be provided.

If the customer is renting the property where utility services are to be delivered, a rent receipt or lease agreement must be provided. If more than one person is listed on the receipt or agreement, all persons on the receipt or agreement must sign the Contract For Service.

Customers having no previous credit history with Peru Utilities or any other utility service company must pay a deposit. New and existing customers who have received a disconnect notice from either Peru Utilities or their former utility supplier within the previous 12 months must pay a deposit.

Deposits are as follows:


* Peru Utilities retains the right to evaluate the actual billings for Commercial and Industrial customers and revise the deposit accordingly.

Deposits may be waived for new customers who provide a letter of credit from a previous utility supplier that states that the customer has been a customer of that supplier for at least 12 consecutive months and has not received a disconnect notice from that supplier during the most recent 12 months. Deposits may also be waived for current customers wishing to transfer a service to another location provided that they have not received a disconnect notice for the previous 12 months.

How to disconnect service:

You can ask to stop your utility services by calling our Customer Service department at 765-473-6681 or by completing the form below.

Peru Utilities will read and disconnect your meter(s) within three business days of the date requested. If this form is used, we will confirm your disconnection request upon receipt.

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